Frequently Asked Questions

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Ground coffee goes stale much more quickly than whole bean coffee. We want to provide the freshest coffee possible.

If you don't grind your own coffee already, the easiest way to improve the flavor is to grind it just before brewing.

Single-use pods also have the issue of greater packaging waste.

Use a burr grinder instead of a cheap "helicopter blade" or "chopper" grinder. A burr grinder will be more consistent. The high RPM of a helicopter grinder generates too much heat and creates inconsisent grind sizes. This will cause your coffee to be unevenly extracted. 

We sell the Shardor Electric Burr Grinder. It's good value for money and versatile for either espresso, drip, or French press coffee. There are fancier grinders out there, but the Shardor is a good place to start!

More info in our blog, "First Crack". 

Try it :) We source high quality specialty coffee from reputable importers, and then roast it locally in small batches. To assure fresh supply, we carefully choose a limited number of varieties and packaging options. We lease Loring roasting equipment for the highest standards of roast consistency and energy efficiency. Roast profiles are incrementally tweaked from batch to batch, and roast dates are published for each variety offered. 


From bean to cup, the coffee industry intersects with myriad ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) considerations. We carefully consider our ESG impact in the following respects:

Environmental: We do not sell single-use pods. To our knowledge there are no single-use pods that present an acceptable standard of environmental sustanability.

Social: We believe that facilitating credit for small businessses helps build a stronger middle class and thus helps reduce income inequality. Thus, we provide zero interest micro loans for coffee farmers and retailers worldwide

Governance: We recognize the importance of impeccable values and ethics in our dealings with customers and partners. In particular, we avoid excessive marketing puffery and strive to present "just the facts" about our products. Beim roasts its own coffee and does not "drop ship" or otherwise resell other roasted coffee under the Beim label.

"Beim" is a phonetic play on "tudo bem", a Brazilian Portugese phrase meaning "all good".

Beim is founded by Per Anderson. Per is a veteran tech lead / software engineer with 20+ years of experience at Google, Microsoft, and various startups. Per’s patents include inventions for video advertising, natural language generation, and predictions of user generated content. Per is also an experienced director/producer with credits on films such as Signature.

Per became seriously interested in coffee starting in 2020, first learning barista skills and later, craft roasting. Beim originally started as an investigation into the coffee commodity market, but evolved into a specialty coffee retailer. Intruiged by the myriad dimensions of the coffee industry, Per is looking for ways to apply novel thinking to this ancient craft.

Yes! We're interested in speaking with experienced coffee roasters, importers, farmers, marketers, and writers. Please write: