January 25, 2023

About the Sumatran Harimau Tiger

By The Coffee Research Department
About the Sumatran Harimau Tiger

The Sumatran Harimau Tiger is a critically endangered species found only on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. With an estimated population of fewer than 400 individuals, it is one of the most threatened big cat subspecies in the world.

The primary threat to the Sumatran tiger is habitat loss due to deforestation for palm oil and paper production. Tigers require large territories to survive, and as their habitats shrink, their populations decline. Poaching for their body parts is also a significant problem, as tiger bones and other body parts are highly valued in traditional medicine in some cultures.

Conservation efforts are desperately needed to save this magnificent species from extinction. One key strategy is to protect and restore tiger habitats through reforestation and sustainable land use practices. Anti-poaching efforts, such as increased patrols and law enforcement, are also crucial.

In addition to these efforts, public awareness and education are vital in the fight to save the Sumatran tiger. By raising awareness about the importance of conservation, we can build support for protecting the tigers and their habitats. Furthermore, by educating people about the dangers of consuming products made from tiger body parts, we can reduce demand for these products and make poaching less profitable.

The Sumatran Harimau Tiger is not only a national pride of Indonesia but also an irreplaceable part of the earth's biodiversity. It's important for us to take immediate action to protect this species before it's too late. This can be done through supporting conservation organizations that work to protect tigers and their habitats, by being mindful of the products we buy and the companies we support, and by spreading the word about the importance of saving this magnificent animal.

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Photo credit: By Captain Herbert - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

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