April 30, 2023

Where can I compost Beim Roasters Coffee Pods?

By The Coffee Research Department
Where can I compost Beim Roasters Coffee Pods?

We're proud to sell pods that contain no plastic. These pods are compostable, but do not degrade as quickly as food scraps.

So where exactly do you compost our pods? This depends on your community.

In NYC, use curbside pickup - Look for the brown bins. [link] Note: Compostable cutlery, cups and pods are not currently accepted in NYC community gardens. Use the brown bins for curbside pickup instead.

Some gardeners compost pods directly in their garden, with caveats - the pile needs to receive oxygen and heat, and be mixed with material such as leaves and grass.

If you cannot find a compostable pickup that accepts our pods, just dispose of them in the trash. They will degrade over a period of months in landfill - still better than petroleum based plastic!

Send us your local composting info to compost@beim.coffee and we will add it to this article. 

Our pods are packed by GreenPod. They have more information here.

To quote from the article:

"...You’ve probably seen compostable cutlery in restaurants trying to reduce their single use plastic waste and thought, this looks like plastic?!  Well technically, the term 'plastic' refers to materials that can be formed and molded using heat, even if that material is plant based. The term is not solely for defining petroleum based materials. But the general use of the term 'plastic' to many consumers brings to mind petroleum based plastics which are NOT compostable.  We want to help consumers understand these industry terms so they aren’t left confused and frustrated by industry speak.
Those compostable spoons and forks, as well as our GreenPod hard ring, are made from bio-resins, also known as 'bio-plastic' which typically consists of plant based materials and can be broken down using good composting practices. They do take a longer time in a home compost pile than something like paper, but not as long as some other items from nature like avocado skins for example.

Maybe you’d like to compost your organic waste, but you have no desire or maybe no space, to take on the task alone. What are your options?

We wish it was as easy as finding a trash service pickup or drop off facility in your town, but depending on where you live, that may not be the case. And we encourage you to search for local composting small businesses, like our friends at Compost RVA, that may be operating in your area even if you do not have a registered Industrial Composting Facility nearby. But you can also search this website findacomposter.com for places in your area that accept various materials for composting. 

And the more we share about composting, the more compostable products that can make it to market, the more pressure will be placed on big business and government to fund composting initiatives around the country."

See our compostable pods here


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