Knock Aergrind 2022

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100% plastic free and hand built in Scotland, the new Aergrind has been upgraded to be stronger, longer lasting and more refined that its predecessor.

  • 38mm titanium-nitrided conical burrs (video)

  • One-piece aluminium upper body

  • Walnut wood knob with brass collar

  • Laser etched aluminium dial

  • Stepless, top dial grind adjustment (video)

  • Designed and hand built in Edinburgh, Scotland

Notes for 2022 edition:
  • It’s slightly taller than the previous model but still fits comfortably inside an Aeropress

  • There is a 100% increase in bearing axle length (the space between the shaft bearings) which makes for an even more rigid feel when grinding

  • Same bean capacity as the previous model (~25g)

  • The Titanium treated burrs make grinding feel even smoother than prior editions

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