BEIM Coffee Connection was founded by Per Anderson. Per is a former software engineer with 20+ years of experience at Google, Microsoft, and various startups. Per’s patents include inventions for video advertising and natural language generation. 

Per became seriously interested in coffee starting in 2020, first learning barista skills and later, craft roasting. Beim originally started as an investigation into the coffee commodity market, but evolved into a specialty coffee retailer. Intrigued by the myriad dimensions of the coffee industry, Per is looking for ways to apply novel thinking to this ancient craft.

BEIM Coffee Connection Co-Founder Amy Smith worked in the energy and finance sectors for more than 15 years, most recently in the role of Commodities Analyst, before shifting to focus solely on coffee in 2022. 

In joining BEIM, Amy’s decades-long unofficial coffee obsession has finally become formalized. She is delighted to at last have a valid excuse to research, taste, and experiment, like a highly caffeinated mad scientist, with coffee and coffee-related snacks.